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Follow instructions below to connect to the “Southern” and "LionWiFi" wireless networks

NOTE: to connect to Southern or LionWiFi you must first select it under your Network Settings

If you do not have campus credentials, please contact the HelpDesk at



What are the differences between Southern and LionWiFi?

LionWifi is exclusively broadcast from each of the student dormitories on the north side of Newman road. Any students staying or visiting in the dorms will need to connect to LionWiFi for network access, while Southern is broadcast in all other buildings on campus. Both Southern and LionWiFi will require the same credentials in order to log on, and are otherwise identical aside from their broadcast locations on the campus.


      Windows 8 and 10

Windows 8 and 10 devices need to connect to Southern or LionWiFi respectively and enter their LionLogin as the username and Student PINs as the password. For any issues with connectivity or lost or forgotten credentials, call the HelpDesk at 417-659-4444. 


     iOS devices

If you use an iPhone, iPod, or iPad device, select Wi-Fi under “Settings” and select the Southern network at which time you will be asked to provide a username and password. If prompted to accept a security certificate. Select the ‘Accept’ button and the connection will be activated. 


      Android devices

For those using Android devices, you will need to select Southern or LionWiFi under the Wi-Fi settings area of your device and change the Phase 2 Authentication to “MSCHAPV2”. Fill in the User ID (Identity) and password and select “Connect.”        

Note: on some devices you will have to scroll to access all the settings

     OS X devices

For those using OS X devices, you will select “Southern” wireless network, then provide your LionLogin and PIN. You will then select “Continue” to accept a security certificate.




Note: With any of the changes above you will only need to setup the username and password once, and then your device will be remembered as you move across campus and connect at different access points.


If you need further assistance please contact the University's IT Help Desk: